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New Contest!

2007-12-26 12:39:21 by liamizdabest

as some of you may know I had a job offering thread where I offered a job to people for site graphics. So I chose some one and he's good, but I have a lot of work for him and both of us aren't on enough and I want to get the site ready by new years. So I'm gunna distribute the into contests. He will still have a lot of jobs to do so it's not like your taking any job from him.

There are two contests a logo contest and a preloader contest. The logo one will happen first so that you can use the logo in the preloader. So here are the specs

Start Date: Today! 12/26/07
Due Date: 12/28/07
Dimensions: Either 200x200 or 200x140 (you an scale it to be bigger, actually if you made it bigger that would be good as long as it maintains the shape)
Prize: $25 via PayPal
Terms: If you win I will give you the prize and you will give me rights to the logo and the logo (.fla file)

Start Date: 12/28/07 (after winner for logo has been announced)
Due Date: 12/31/07 (new years eve)
Specs: Must have logo on it
Dimensions: 550x400 (default)
Prize: $45 via PayPal
Terms: If you win I will give you the prize and you will give me rights to the preloader and the prelaoder (.fla file)

Global Specs:
How to show it to me: Make it a .SWF and upload it to then post a link from this thread to the file.
When you win what happens: You give me your PayPal e-mail and I will send you the money then you send me the file via e-mail to
Site Name: Underground Flash
Site URL:

More Questions?
AIM: liamizdabest
PM me
Or just post here.



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2007-12-26 13:33:12

Hello! I made a little design for the logo. Tried uploading to the specified place, but it seems I had to login, and when I tried signing up at the forums the verification image wouldn't display. Anyhow, uploaded the image here : c0db869dceb90bab9d9e910.gif

Hope you like it! Sent you a PM too.


2007-12-29 20:36:57

You have the best user name of anyone on any site ever.

liamizdabest responds:



2007-12-29 20:37:14



2007-12-31 16:24:42

With all your monthly contests and such going on, how do you make money?

liamizdabest responds:

Well with money I've already had from doing stuff and presents and stuff. An I'm also going to start making money with my website