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UF Finally Done

2008-01-11 21:30:12 by liamizdabest

My site Underground Flash is finally all the way done! the URL is
Please tell me what should be changed. If it looks ugly, if it looks awesome, PLEASE TELL ME! But if you say it's ugly please tell me what's ugly about it so I can change it. Please check it out! Also, there is no content so, if you have a flash game or animation that you would let me put on your site please post it here and I will gladly put it on my site! (in the arcade). So please join. I will give you some useful links on my site below:

Home Page
Upload Almost Any Kind Of File (UPLOADER)
Flash Forum
Arcade Forum
Flash Tutorials
Sign Up For The Flash Forum
Sign Up For The Uploader
Sign Up For The Arcade Forum

Contact Me:
AIM: liamizdabest


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2008-01-23 20:15:29

I like the set up and stuff, but its hard to navigate between everything.

liamizdabest responds:

I know... working on it!


2010-01-13 19:00:15

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