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2008-01-30 17:16:32 by liamizdabest


UF Finally Done

2008-01-11 21:30:12 by liamizdabest

My site Underground Flash is finally all the way done! the URL is
Please tell me what should be changed. If it looks ugly, if it looks awesome, PLEASE TELL ME! But if you say it's ugly please tell me what's ugly about it so I can change it. Please check it out! Also, there is no content so, if you have a flash game or animation that you would let me put on your site please post it here and I will gladly put it on my site! (in the arcade). So please join. I will give you some useful links on my site below:

Home Page
Upload Almost Any Kind Of File (UPLOADER)
Flash Forum
Arcade Forum
Flash Tutorials
Sign Up For The Flash Forum
Sign Up For The Uploader
Sign Up For The Arcade Forum

Contact Me:
AIM: liamizdabest


2008-01-08 21:14:16 by liamizdabest

My Site:
Project Name: UF-ADS
For Programmers:
I'm planning on making a mochiad system for my site. I'm not sure how to do it. So if there is a programmer that is willing to help me that would be great (I am willing to pay via paypal). You will need to have a good knowlege of ActionScript (and maybe PHP might help). I'm planning on paying under $100. So if your interested contact me

For Advertisers:
When I finish making my mochiad system (called UF-ADS) I will need advertisers. So if you are interested contact me. *You will need paypal and a website that you are advertising.

For Developers
Please tell me if you want to put UF-ADS on your flash so I can get an idea of how many people want to sign up. Paypal only, you get paid-per-click every month no matter how much money you make if you make $1 or $1000 it doesn't matter. Every month you get paid!

For ppl that want to contact me
PM me
Post here
MSN: (prefered)
AIM: liamizdabest (prefered)

Thanks Everyone

P.S. Check out my website

Another Contest! =D

2008-01-02 11:31:20 by liamizdabest

I'm Liam. I have done several successful contests in Flash and I am happy to say that had so much fun with them that I will make another one, but this time the prize will be more than ever before! So I'm gunna make a best Flash contest. So here are the Specs:

TYPE: Game or Animation (Collabs are allowed)
RATING: No adult content
PRIZE: $100
REQUIREMENTS: Must use Underground Flash Official Preloader, you must have Paypal, Must sign up at my site
BONUS: ($100 total) Front Page +$50, Underground Flash January contest +$50

More Info:
THIS IS NOT SPONSORSHIP! You just have to put the preloader and let me put you Flash on my site. But I have no rights to the flash at all. So you can go to CMG or where ever you go to to get sponsored and do that as well to make even more money. But you have to use the preloader. Only 1st place will get prize (but you don't have to be 1st place for bonuses). They will be judge by thier score.

How to submit:

1) Download Preloader

2) Sign Up at Underground Flash

3) Make Flash (w/ preloader)

4) Submit Flash to Newgrounds

5) Post link in the Contest Forum

6) Hope you win

LINKS: x.php?action=register ad s/Official_Underground-Flash_Preloader .f la

Post here
PM me
AIM: liamzdabest

New Contest!

2007-12-26 12:39:21 by liamizdabest

as some of you may know I had a job offering thread where I offered a job to people for site graphics. So I chose some one and he's good, but I have a lot of work for him and both of us aren't on enough and I want to get the site ready by new years. So I'm gunna distribute the into contests. He will still have a lot of jobs to do so it's not like your taking any job from him.

There are two contests a logo contest and a preloader contest. The logo one will happen first so that you can use the logo in the preloader. So here are the specs

Start Date: Today! 12/26/07
Due Date: 12/28/07
Dimensions: Either 200x200 or 200x140 (you an scale it to be bigger, actually if you made it bigger that would be good as long as it maintains the shape)
Prize: $25 via PayPal
Terms: If you win I will give you the prize and you will give me rights to the logo and the logo (.fla file)

Start Date: 12/28/07 (after winner for logo has been announced)
Due Date: 12/31/07 (new years eve)
Specs: Must have logo on it
Dimensions: 550x400 (default)
Prize: $45 via PayPal
Terms: If you win I will give you the prize and you will give me rights to the preloader and the prelaoder (.fla file)

Global Specs:
How to show it to me: Make it a .SWF and upload it to then post a link from this thread to the file.
When you win what happens: You give me your PayPal e-mail and I will send you the money then you send me the file via e-mail to
Site Name: Underground Flash
Site URL:

More Questions?
AIM: liamizdabest
PM me
Or just post here.


OK, Well...

2007-12-17 19:27:01 by liamizdabest

It's not like anyone actually reads this but the job offer isn't going on anymore and I've already picked someone. So yeah... I'm working on the site and it's still under construction but it the forum and file uploading works fine. that's it... THE END!


2007-12-10 20:42:42 by liamizdabest

I'm looking for a graphic designer for my site. I will pay (paypal only). There is not a set amount. I will pay according to the job. The site is still under development and I need someone who can make good short animations, graphics, and buttons. I am spending hundreds of dollars making this site perfect so I need whoever will help me to be good. If you are interested contact me at and be sure to give me these details:

MSN/AIM (If you have one)
SHORT PARAGRAPH (On why you want the job)

I am willing to spend a couple $100s on you! So if you're interested remember

or PM me.

Thank You